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About Us

We, Camilla and Jenn, are a small home-based team of poodle enthusiasts near Calgary, Alberta. We met and bonded over the use of positive reinforcement with our horses and love of poodles.


As a lifelong dog lover, I had dreamt of having my very own standard poodle for decades and in 2018 I was able to fulfil that dream with the addition of my lovely foundation girl, Georgia. After too much time off over a winter break I decided that I might as well try my hand at showing my lovely girl.


In 2019, Georgia and I entered the conformation ring together with a lot of assistance from my lovely mentors. I met amazing people and their dogs- I love spending weekends with other dog enthusiasts, learning anything and everything I can. I’ve since expanded my dog show experiences to include fun bag chasing sports, scent hurdle and rally.

Poodles are amazing and my desire to breed them comes from wanting to share this fantastic breed with anyone who is interested. I hope that a healthy active poodle population will be available when I am an old lady.

Health testing and population health are important to me -I’m a bit of a genetics nerd. I use every tool that I am aware of to breed dogs that are healthy - genetically, structurally, psychologically. I use UCDavis’ canine diversity test in conjunction with Betterbred programming to ensure matches beyond pedigree and health testing are compatible.


I will only breed dogs that are tested beyond CHIC recommendations with passing results. I am always open to learning of new tests and studies that can help ensure the long-term health of our dogs, if you know of one please contact me!   




B.Sc.H, KPA-CTP, CCUI, Tagteach level 1


Camilla has been an animal lover since she was born and a lucky child whose mother let her accumulate pets like potato chips! Professionally, she found herself a community of amazing people in the pet dog world. When she got her mini poodle, she wanted to do it right and went to puppy classes which has led her to a career she never realized she would love so much.  


Camilla will always remember the day she was grooming her horse in the barn, and someone left the barn and then walked backwards as they came back and said, "Is that a target stick?". A pandemic later, Camilla was thrilled to be able to help her bff with a litter of baby poodles.


As a self-professed behaviour nerd, she's excited to help raise these baby poodles, giving them a great head start in life as they take on the world with their families, having an understanding of positive reinforcement and developing resilient dogs. 


As an extracurricular teacher for over ten years, teaching and learning are a part of who she is. She is proud of her certification with Karen Pryor Academy (KPA-CTP) and Leslie McDevitt’s Certified Control Unleashed Instructors (CCUI). She is in training to become a teaching assistant for Susan Friedman’s Living and Learning with Animals. She is also TAGteach level one certified and currently working on her level two certification. She holds a B.Sc.H in Biology and an ARCT in Speech Arts. 


We believe in using puppy culture and avidog as we raise these little pups. We use the avidog temperament test and place pups in the families that we believe they will do best in based upon our knowledge from watching them grow and the results of the temperament test in combination with the information we get from our families about their lifestyles. 

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