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The Poodles

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Georgia is my beautiful foundation girl from Seransil and Conbrio, I thank Evelyn and Jill every day for giving a complete novice a chance at a wonderful girl. Georgia is a lower key dog, she can sit on the couch with you for a month or go hiking for days without stop. She's sensitive to people's emotions, often finding the anxious person in the room and sitting with them. We're currently exploring agility with plans to get back to rally-obedience this year.

Height 21"

Weight 35lbs



Blue is a mini-me of her mother, Georgia, but with a bit more zest. Blue is maturing into a laid back dog in the house but a high energy excitable wiz outside. Blue showed her heart out as a puppy and currently sits on the dreaded 9 points. In 2023, we hope to chase that last conformation point and my husband plans to keep playing in agility with Blue.

Heigh 21"

Weight 35lbs




Mr. P isn't owned by me but I am none the less super proud of this team. Mr. P and his human completed his herding instincts test at just 11 weeks old and intermediate trick dog by 7 months old! This great team are off to amazing things and I am excited to see where they end up. Presley hit the show ring in 2022 and proved himself an amazing dog with his Jr. handler and even made me look like I knew what I was doing. 


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